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A budget is the financial blueprint and action plan for an organization expressed in quantitative and monetary terms. Budgets translate strategic plans into measurable goals for various business units over a period of time. Budgeting is used as a tool for planning and controlling the allocation and use of organization's scarce financial resources. Planning and control are the two basic functions of budgeting. Planning encompasses the entire process of preparing the budget, from initial strategic direction through preparation of budgets.

Control is the comparison of actual results with budgeted numbers, evaluation of the differences, and taking corrective measures, if necessary. Professionals, functional managers, and individuals in key roles throughout the organization deal with budgets one way or other in their day-to-day operations, decision making, and control activities.

Familiarity with the essentials of budgeting is expected at every level within an organization.

Exam & Certification

The course covers

  1. Organizational Budgeting Activities and the Master Budget
  2. Planning and Preparing an Operating Budget
  3. Preparing Operating Budgets and the Cash Budget
  4. Using Budgets for Management and Control
  5. Final Exam: Budgeting Essentials


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