Coding for Kids 2

Learn to Code and Make Games!

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Learning to code is a great way to expand our minds and learn how to “think” like a computer does. It is no longer surprising to see kids of all ages playing with computers. Now is the time to take their interests to the next level. Once kids have mastered a project and can say “Look! I made that happen!” You will begin to see a change in the way they view computers. Children can enjoy our lessons that will result in them creating fun, playable games that they have coded themselves!

Important Guideline

  • One month course access is provided for Shaw Academy course.
  • Vskills certification is not provided with Shaw Academy course.

Exam & Certification

Weekly quizzes are provided by Shaw Academy to candidates for validating their knowledge.


You can participate using your own computer via the internet, both Windows and Mac devices will suffice. You can access recordings via your student log in area found in menu tab. Live lessons are not essential in order to pass diploma courses. You can view the recordings in your own time.
It lasts approximately 1 hour, not including questions and answers at the end of the live sessions.
That's no problem. We also record each lecture as we broadcast them. We make these videos available to you within 24 hours of each lecture concluding and you will have unlimited access to the videos for up to 12 days after the entire course has been completed.
We provide you with weekly quizzes in order to self-assess your progress. These are completely voluntary and a fantastic revision tool. Only live courses have weekly quizzes. Upon course completion a final assignment will be made available. There is a €19.90 administration charge to complete the final assignment and receive the certificate.


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