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What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is a professional networking platform and is a social networking service. This is growing very rapidly and is well known amongst the professionals. It offers huge database of professionals. Unlike resume, LinkedIn is very dynamic. Through this you can connect with many professionals beyond geographical barriers. This establishes your professional identify and is a very popular tool amongst recruiters to verify and cross-check candidates.

What is the Benefit?
Having an online presence is very important in today’s fast paced competitive world. We can make the most of LinkedIn by just being active on it. Once you get yourself registered and start following it, you will get to know about several things which you were not aware of yet. This helps you in networking with like-minded people. You can follow company’s pages and know about the companies that you want to work with.

How We will help

We focus on the quality of work. Quality matters more than quantity. We will help you in your next career step.

We will be happy to offer you:

  • Telephonic discussions to understand your profile at length
  • Will counsel you on LinkedIn, its use and benefits
  • Will write your LinkedIn profile highlighting on your skills, proficiency, experience and career highlights in a professional manner
  • Work on 4-5 specific areas on LinkedIn
  • Keywords will be directly written in your skills section
  • Will be mostly in a story-telling format
  • Flow of information will be comprehensive
  • Will be different from your resume

Exam & Certification


GetCertGo is your one stop career solution provider. It provides Job Assessment services, courses to enhance your skills, Resume Writing, LinkedIn Profile Writing & Executive Bio Writing services.
Resume Writing is development of your professional profile from the scratch. Our experts are experience resume writers with more than 10 years of experience. They have expertise in writing the keywords focused resume for you
We offer resume writing for different experienced professional. Our services are divided in to following categories - 1. Junior: 0 to 3 years 2. Mid: 4 to 8 years 3. Senior: 8-15 years 4. Top: 15+ years
We also write Cover letter, International Resume, Second Regular Resume, LinkedIn and Executive Bio.
In regular delivery, we deliver resume in 4-5 business days and Express services are delivered in 2 business days.
No, our writer will not meet you in person. Our resume writer will have detailed telephonic discussion for understanding the profile.
We will deliver only ONE resume and post that 3 iterations will be allowed.
We will send the resume to your email. We do not deliver the resume to billing address.
Second regular resume is useful for targeting two different industries or if you have experience in 2 different domains.
International resume writing services are useful if you wish to apply or join the organization in foreign land. We write resumes as per the country requirement. We write resume for all the international locations.
Resume is an important tool which you can use in your job search. It facilitates the job search and helps in getting screened by the recruiter. Resume Writing Services DO NOT guarantee the Job.
LinkedIn is professional networking website, highly recommended for connecting with professionals across the world.
Having a well written linkedin profile attracts people from various domain. Complete LinkedIn profile with all Stars highlight your professionalism and further helps in your job search.


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