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Project-based operations have become a key factor in today's business world. The importance of choosing a well planned and proven method for managing projects is a challenge for organizations across the board. If you think about it, almost every work effort is a project, from constructing a new building within a university campus to designing and delivering a new line of technology products. As projects become the primary method for getting things done and effecting organizational change, it is crucial to follow a recognized, accepted methodology for managing projects.

This course introduces you to PRINCE2 project management methodologies. The PRINCE2 methodology is recognized as an international standard for process-based project management. It is a widely used method for project management that has expanded beyond its origins in the UK public sector. This course provides an introduction to the themes, processes and principles of PRINCE2 and is designed to assist learners as part of their preparation for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. This course will begin by providing an overview of the elements involved with managing projects using PRINCE2. It will also cover the principles of: continued business justification, learn from experience, defined roles and responsibilities, manage by stages, manage by exception and focus on products.

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