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Traditional recruiting and retention strategies may be still effective, but with a global workforce, businesses must rethink strategies and consider the impact of globalization. Businesses must learn to not only identify talent, but also retain that talent for the long term. This involves understanding the importance of recruitment in a sustainable talent management strategy, identifying the needs of the organization, and balancing them with those of the talent markets. This path describes strategies to appeal to the talent market, to recruit quality talent, and to engage and sustain the existing workforce. Recruiting and Retention Strategies will help human resource specialists, managers, and directors to improve their ability to recruit and retain top quality talent. The path will achieve this outcome by enabling human resources and management to gain a clear understanding of the considerations of recruiting and retention strategies.

Globalization, diversity, outsourcing, virtual teams, downsizing, and changing forms of work are just some of the challenges facing companies today. Managers must be prepared to deal with the organizational issues that such challenges give rise to. Whether you're in Human Resources, a manager of a large department, or the leader of your team, you have to be able to constantly improve the organizational dynamics in your workplace. To do this, you need to start with the individual, which means you need to be able to recognize and work with different individual behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions. This course defines organizational behavior and identifies the variables and characteristics that influence an individual's attitudes and perceptions in the workplace, and how these can affect performance. And it shows how you can improve the attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors of employees at an individual level within your organization.

Exam & Certification

The course covers

  1. Aligning Recruitment to Job Requirements
  2. Preventing High Turnover Rates: How to Keep The Best
  3. Fringe Benefits: Maintaining a Competitive Hiring Advantage
  4. Disciplines of Organizational Learning: Personal Mastery
  5. Recruiting Talent
  6. Retaining Your Talent Pool
  7. Surviving the Talent Crunch
  8. Final Exam: Recruiting and Retention Strategies


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