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Get out There Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. “Mahatma Gandhi” We are out overnight camping in the bushes folks, learning a lot of new things and soaking in new cultures and Spirits 🙂 Sharing skills and learning to others is our passion at Getcertgo. Get out there, Take a learning break from the stressful corporate lives or managing your bosses expectations, go out in the world and

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7 Crucial Competencies for Project Management Professionals

Project management in the contemporary scenario is one of the high in demand career options for those professionals who wish to specialize in the field of project management and work in a deadline driven involving resource limitations, managing people and various challenges. The recruiters today look for project management skills and proven capabilities of an individual in meeting the project goals by setting up systems & processes in place and leading diverse teams. This article

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The different levels of Six Sigma Belt Certifications

Abstract: This article provides a broad overview or an understanding about Six Sigma and its relevance in the present scenario. A description is also provided on the various belt roles or different attainable levels of expertise in Six Sigma certification process.   Six Sigma provides a competitive edge or a cost advantage to the organizations in a highly competitive business scenario, by achieving continuous improvement in quality standards and enhancing operational efficiencies. The main objective


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Yes its a Friday, time for fun facts on learning new stuff Jim Carrey can paint? Oh yes he can… I have always loved this man’s movies I know this man has a great career, is very generous, and has also been through a lot in his life. Seeing yet another side to him, and his other, more personal outlet is really fantastic. I guess there is always “more than meets the eye”, even when it

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4-point checklist for submitting a job application

When applying for jobs, you need to be on top of your game. Not only must your resume and cover letter work for you, your job application must also stand out. But why do companies require a formal job application along with a resume? It’s because an official application form caters to needs that resumes don’t fulfill. Essentially, a job application provides employers a cohesive platform where they can collate information and keep track of

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LinkedIn Profile – The Do’s and Don’ts

There is Facebook which you use almost every second of the day to update your thoughts, pictures, places you visit and almost everything you do in your daily lives. Facebook gives you an opportunity to remain in touch with your friends and loved ones even if you cannot meet them daily in person. LinkedIn is similar to that but it is used for spreading your network on a professional level. Here you can talk about

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4 reasons to follow Companies on LinkedIn

It’s no surprise that today anyone who wants to expand his professional network has a LinkedIn profile. Whether you are a job hunter, or a professional trying to make new connections, LinkedIn brings you closer to all the action. But are you leveraging all its features? Take their Company Follow feature for instance. This feature enables LinkedIn users to follow companies and stay on top of all their latest developments. All you have to do

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4 Secrets to Writing a Great LinkedIn Headline

Ever wondered what makes recruiters stop and take a closer look at your LinkedIn profile? If you are a job seeker, you probably know the importance of a good LinkedIn headline. A headline is the first thing that grabs the attention of your viewers. It is a powerful field that let you strengthen your professional image and describe yourself in just one line. Though LinkedIn populates the headline by generating your current job title by

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4 steps to adding soft skills to your resume

Apart from the necessary hard skills, do you still wonder what it takes to impress employers? When recruiters scan resumes, they are also seeking some important Soft Skills. What are soft skills? In simple terms, they are the qualities or personal attributes that help you stand out from other employees. Soft skills are crucial when it comes to succeeding at the workplace. Think about it. Would you rather work with a colleague who is highly-skilled

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Equity and Mutual Funds Analyst Resume Format: 7 essentials Traits you need

Equities, Mutual Funds, risk, analysis, these terms sounds very heavy but are crucial to those who are dealing in these things, as an individual or as an organization. Companies or banks offer equities and mutual funds to raise capital while an individual invests his/her money to earn interest. It is a momentum which is expected to run smoothly for a healthy economy. But, no economy is untouched with uncertainties and phases of low downs. In

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System Administrator: Tips that make your resume stand out

Working in an office with all the facilities seems natural to all of us. The smoothly working workstations and error-free software are a pre-requisite for a business to run effortlessly. But, all that system hardware, operating system, software systems and other technical equipment do not run on their own. It is the System Administrator who is accountable for all the set-up. He/she takes care of installations, configuration and regular upkeep of all the hardware and

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Insurance: 7 Essentials that makes you the Star

For an Insurance Professional convincing a client is one of the crucial aspects. It is the way they talk and also the kind of deal they are offering which convinces a customer to boil down to that choice. An Insurance Agent/broker or Insurance Settlement official, these professionals are not only responsible for providing best deals to the customers but also contributes immensely in the success of these companies. As an insurance agent, a professional is

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Fresher’s Resume: Important tips to reach out to recruiters

Fresh out of college, we all carry high aspirations and dreams to succeed in the big bad world. You might not be carrying a solid experience in hand but the training you have undergone during your formal education years prepares you to take up professional responsibilities with poise. Apprehensions and inhibitions are natural but it is your innate skills that will make you an unprecedented choice for recruiters around. When you are a novice making


A Student’s/Fresher’s Resume Format: A guide to get your first job!

So you are done with your studies and are all set to take on the world? Some of you must already have applied to various organizations in the hope of getting a solid start to your career while some of you must be waiting for the campus placement to offer you the best deal. Adrenaline must be jumping to and fro and expectations must be miles high but you need to keep your head steady