Vicky Sarin

I am the co-founder at I Help India Reskill, and have been passionate with the education and skill development in the country. I have worked with the Govt. on certain projects of skill development in the telecom sector as part of NSDC. in the past. At present our aim is to up-skill employees working and get them to speed on latest skills, technologies and tools to enable them to perform better at their workplace. At the heart of our value proposition is unique global content backed by a Vskills certification and our awesome customer service.

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Leadership Self-Assessment

Leadership Self-awareness and assessment To be a successful leader, you must be skilled at diplomacy, empathy, and being able to lead by example. If you’re already in a leadership position, it may not be possible to get feedback from a superior. However, it is possible to monitor your own development You can create your own plans for improvement through self-assessment. Self-assessments can be used by leaders to evaluate their own performance during a specified time