4 resume writing tips for Six Sigma practitioners

Are you a Six Sigma consultant eyeing new job opportunities? Crafting a resume that effectively showcases your skills is paramount to finding that coveted job. When it comes to Six Sigma, it’s all about showing what you’ve got and why you are the best person for the job. Highlighting the level of your training, your Six Sigma project experience and Six Sigma strengths is most important. Here’s how to write a winning resume that will


5 Networking Tips: A Techie’s guide to stay ahead in the IT Job Market

Networking has become a valuable tool when it comes to job search. It’s all about who you know and who knows you. Studies have shown that almost 80 percent jobs are never advertised. They are filled by word of mouth. The IT job market is no different. Most IT professionals find jobs through the people they know. Gives them business insights, insider information on job openings, news on company trends and allows them to make


4-step guide to deal with employment gaps in resume

The issue of employment gaps is a tricky one for most people. Not many are upfront about acknowledging the presence of career breaks in their resume. However, it is important to carefully address the gaps between jobs when you do plan to return to work. A long unexplained gap raises several questions about your employability and you as a person. Whatever your reasons are, be sure your resume includes a clear explanation that is brief


5 Myths we follow while writing LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profile is considered to be a credible source when you are searching for a job or are keen on building professional network. As a Social Media platform, LinkedIn has evolved as a key player in networking oneself or a business, in the professional world. You will find people active on LinkedIn from all sectors. Be it Sales, Marketing, Finance, Management or Media, LinkedIn has become an important platform to not only reach out to


Project Manager: 7 essential tips to include in your resume

In the competitive market trend of these days, the economic realm of any organization can only thrive when proper administration of work is devised and implemented. The versatility involved is entrusted on the shoulders of a Project Manager. So, the trust stakes are already prominent and functions involved are diverse. You either turn up as a hero or left with calculating the risks you did not assess before the starting of the project. As a

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4-point checklist for submitting a job application

When applying for jobs, you need to be on top of your game. Not only must your resume and cover letter work for you, your job application must also stand out. But why do companies require a formal job application along with a resume? It’s because an official application form caters to needs that resumes don’t fulfill. Essentially, a job application provides employers a cohesive platform where they can collate information and keep track of

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LinkedIn Profile – The Do’s and Don’ts

There is Facebook which you use almost every second of the day to update your thoughts, pictures, places you visit and almost everything you do in your daily lives. Facebook gives you an opportunity to remain in touch with your friends and loved ones even if you cannot meet them daily in person. LinkedIn is similar to that but it is used for spreading your network on a professional level. Here you can talk about

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4 reasons to follow Companies on LinkedIn

It’s no surprise that today anyone who wants to expand his professional network has a LinkedIn profile. Whether you are a job hunter, or a professional trying to make new connections, LinkedIn brings you closer to all the action. But are you leveraging all its features? Take their Company Follow feature for instance. This feature enables LinkedIn users to follow companies and stay on top of all their latest developments. All you have to do

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4 Secrets to Writing a Great LinkedIn Headline

Ever wondered what makes recruiters stop and take a closer look at your LinkedIn profile? If you are a job seeker, you probably know the importance of a good LinkedIn headline. A headline is the first thing that grabs the attention of your viewers. It is a powerful field that let you strengthen your professional image and describe yourself in just one line. Though LinkedIn populates the headline by generating your current job title by

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4 steps to adding soft skills to your resume

Apart from the necessary hard skills, do you still wonder what it takes to impress employers? When recruiters scan resumes, they are also seeking some important Soft Skills. What are soft skills? In simple terms, they are the qualities or personal attributes that help you stand out from other employees. Soft skills are crucial when it comes to succeeding at the workplace. Think about it. Would you rather work with a colleague who is highly-skilled