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CFO Roles
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5 essential CFO roles

To start thinking like a CFO, you need a sense of what roles a CFO plays in your organization. One way to get some idea of this is by considering the kinds of questions a CFO might ask in relation to a purchase or investment decision. The CFO might ask, “What are the risks of this investment? Will there be unexpected costs? Are there better alternatives? Would there be consequences to doing nothing?” The 5

Business Skills for the finance professional, Finance,

Cost Structure and CFO Decision Making

A CFO is driven by the goal of maximizing profitability of an organization’s operations. And because profitability is revenue minus costs, growing revenue and decreasing costs are both top priorities. Maximizing profitability isn’t just about growing sales. The critical factor in what might look like irrational relationships is costs. This is why cost management is so important for running a profitable business. To effectively manage and control your costs, you need to be able to

Think like a CFO
Business Skills for the finance professional, Finance,

Adopting a CFO Mind-set

Even if you’re not a Chief Financial Officer, it’s a good idea to start thinking like one. Consider the sort of things that interest a CFO when managing your own responsibilities. Thinking like a CFO means knowing your numbers, thinking long term, and looking at the bigger picture – in terms of your own work, your department, and the organization overall. Thinking like a CFO also means knowing what matters to the CFO – and