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Good Boss, Good Organisation or Good Salary – What will you Choose?

What will you Choose if you get 3 options – 1). A Good Boss 2). A Good Organisation or 3) A Good Salary … it is very difficult to loose a good salary package or organisation which you always dreamed of joining. Though, choosing a boss is also not in our hand, but few people get very lucky to have a boss who instead of micro-managing, gives you the freedom to decide your own results.

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Career Options After High School

Life doesn’t end after completion of high school, it actually continues with another quest where there’s no more lockers, gym classes, or teachers nagging about assignments and home work. Once the child becomes adult, it is up to him/her to care about the decisions which could transform life goals in more meaningful way. In terms of selecting the right career, it becomes utmost important to consider multiple educational streams that could be explored viz colleges,

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How to Plan for your career in 2019

Plan for Your Career in 2019 The career planning process involves three steps: create a vision of the future, develop an action plan, and create a time line for achieving your goals. Develop a vision Without a vision, you may end up bumping along in a dead-end job or a series of jobs that are ultimately disappointing. If you have a vision though, you can aim for specific jobs and work responsibilities, which can act

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Career Prospects for MBA Graduates in HR & Marketing

Changing scene of Business Management: With the fast changing business environment in India and metropolitan cities gradually transforming into corporate hubs, the career options for fresh management qualified professionals has multiplied. Ever since last few decades, the B-Schools have mushroomed like anything keeping in view the growth in the demand for the management qualified professionals. These management institutions offer specialized courses across the disciplines of Marketing, HR, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Operations Management, International Business

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LinkedIn Profile – The Do’s and Don’ts

There is Facebook which you use almost every second of the day to update your thoughts, pictures, places you visit and almost everything you do in your daily lives. Facebook gives you an opportunity to remain in touch with your friends and loved ones even if you cannot meet them daily in person. LinkedIn is similar to that but it is used for spreading your network on a professional level. Here you can talk about

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4 reasons to follow Companies on LinkedIn

It’s no surprise that today anyone who wants to expand his professional network has a LinkedIn profile. Whether you are a job hunter, or a professional trying to make new connections, LinkedIn brings you closer to all the action. But are you leveraging all its features? Take their Company Follow feature for instance. This feature enables LinkedIn users to follow companies and stay on top of all their latest developments. All you have to do

Career planning
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Career Planning and Career Management in 2017

Career development is an ongoing process where employees move forward through a series of career stages. This involves learning and refining knowledge and skills, including various levels of job mastery and professional development, combined with career planning activities. Job mastery is having the skills required to effectively perform a job. Professional development skills go above and beyond the job description and, although usually indirect, these skills may have a positive impact on job performance. Career

Handling your boss
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Tactfully Correcting a Boss

How to Tactfully handle your Boss Correcting someone in a position of power is truly a test of your tactfulness and diplomacy. And the first rule is to be very sure that an error has been made. Correcting with tact and diplomacy Assuming correction is in order, there are some strategies that apply for correcting either bosses or clients: Assess your role. Ask yourself where you fit. If you’re not in a position of responsibility and

Employee promotion
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Developing a Promotion Plan

If you hope to be promoted or take on more responsibility in your company, it’s up to you to create a plan for how you’ll keep your career on track. This is known as your promotion plan. Benefits of a promotion plan Creating and implementing an effective promotion plan will benefit you in several ways: When you have a promotion plan in place, your career won’t just be the result of chance happenings. The direction it

Getting Your Arms around Arguments
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Guidelines for Using Humor at Work

Using humor in the workplace doesn’t make you an aspiring comedian; it simply indicates that you’re taking a healthy approach to your life and work. Humor in the workplace Humor, properly practiced, can be an expression of humility, a staking out of common ground, a release valve, and more. It’s not about telling jokes – although that’s fine if you can pull it off – but about incorporating humor into the day-to-day work environment. This

Getting Your Arms around Arguments
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Making a Good Argument

The goal of an argument is to present a proposition that is both logical and convincing. Often, that’s something that requires preparation. Anytime you’re preparing to make an argument, you’re preparing to convince somebody to move in a particular direction or reach a particular conclusion. Therefore, it’s important that you know that you’re going to be dealing with a critical thinker. When you make an argument to somebody, they’re going to be looking for accuracy