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Banking resume formats,

Equity and Mutual Funds Analyst Resume Format: 7 essentials Traits you need

Equities, Mutual Funds, risk, analysis, these terms sounds very heavy but are crucial to those who are dealing in these things, as an individual or as an organization. Companies or banks offer equities and mutual funds to raise capital while an individual invests his/her money to earn interest. It is a momentum which is expected to run smoothly for a healthy economy. But, no economy is untouched with uncertainties and phases of low downs. In

Banking resume formats, Resume Format,

Investment Banker: 7 essentials that will help you earn big bucks

Good understanding of business and experience in the market helps an Investment Banker to spread his foothold and also to target a promising opportunity in the market. Recruiters are always up for a professional who has the knack of judging the best optimization of their capital. As anĀ Investment Banker you focus onĀ earning dividends for an organization to run its business smoothly. Your financial acumen will of course make you a hot property among recruiters