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Career Options After High School

Life doesn’t end after completion of high school, it actually continues with another quest where there’s no more lockers, gym classes, or teachers nagging about assignments and home work. Once the child becomes adult, it is up to him/her to care about the decisions which could transform life goals in more meaningful way. In terms of selecting the right career, it becomes utmost important to consider multiple educational streams that could be explored viz colleges,

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Campus placement or Campus interview is the program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the programme. TIPS TO CRACK CAMPUS INTERVIEWS: 1.To do some research on the companies background so as to portray oneself to be completely keen on acquiring the job. 2.Probe the nature of campus interview by questioning the interviewer about the vacancy of any spot in the

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The most frequently asked question in an interview is TELL ME SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF. One must answer to this in a very impressive way. If unable to answer to this question then the chances of being able to remain in the interview is very less. The significance of asking this question is to find the level of understanding one has about oneself and to check the level of self confidence. EASY WAYS TO ANSWER THIS

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What would one miss about college when in job?

SOCIAL ENVIORNMENT: 1.College provided with peers with common interests and common backgrounds of family and each of them in college had the same amount of insecurities as the other in how and what they would do after graduation. 2. Once having entered into the corporate world peers would include people of various age groups and from various backgrounds. The competition in the work place is cut throat. Workplace teaches one lessons on a everyday basis.

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Expectations: 1.To make obscene amount of money- As being fresh out of college, the expectations of the salary are quite high. Well in fact one is in the lowest position of the work place and there are a lot of people ahead of them awaiting a salary rise. 2.Rising in the corporate ladder- The smiles and motivational talks to all the juniors on getting job is just a part of a tiny miniscule of getting

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Resume Format College Placements

RESUME: It is important to have a very sound resume. Thousands of recruiters use the resume as a main criteria for hiring employees. One must make their skills to be prominently noticeable to the employers. Focus on crafting your resume by writing short headline, tailoring your resume to the position, and adding notable contributions in each role. Once having created a resume format college placement, compare and contrast your resume with models available online for