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Free marketing resume formats for junior and experienced marketing professionals. Users can use our resume samples for various marketing positions

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Career Prospects for MBA Graduates in HR & Marketing

Changing scene of Business Management: With the fast changing business environment in India and metropolitan cities gradually transforming into corporate hubs, the career options for fresh management qualified professionals has multiplied. Ever since last few decades, the B-Schools have mushroomed like anything keeping in view the growth in the demand for the management qualified professionals. These management institutions offer specialized courses across the disciplines of Marketing, HR, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Operations Management, International Business

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7 essentials in Customer Relationship Manager resume

Customer Service industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. In the times, when we are more than connected on digital platform customer and service provider can get in touch at any hour. There is no dearth of job but the recruiters take only those who have the ability to become the voice/face of the company. The ability to strike a conversation, patience to listen and gregariousness to befriend are few skills strike our

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7 essentials in Resume Format of a Content Manager

Every company has a web address where they can directly get in touch with their customers/clients, investors, media, government or anyone who wants to explore. In fact, today owning a website is easily accessible unlike in the early years. There is so much of content around that one can easily get mislead. It is here that a Content Manager steps in and helps a product to get highlighted amidst the swarms of already updating

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7 Essentials of Business Analyst’s Resume

Starting up a business is easy but sustaining it is not as much a smooth ride as one may assume. A Business Analyst resume plays a crucial role when it comes to mining the best in the corporate sector. A Business Analyst’s Resume should have the key skills which show – business support, updated market knowledge, knowledge of technology solutions. A Business Analyst resume gives shape to a blueprint on which a company lay its

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7 Essential Elements in a Print Media Resume Format

Print Media is one of the foremost modes of communication which has been recorded. The Print Media not only include Newspaper that you get at your doorstep every day but also implies to magazines, billboards and posters as well. It all started back in the early 19th century; even after 2 centuries and technological advancement, the print media resume format is still going strong. Back in those days it was an important tool to spread

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7 Essentials of MarCom resume format

Marketing, Of course is an integral part for any product or services. A MarCom guy is the one who communicates inside out using different mediums. You might have all the right skills but you should know what an HR is looking for in a Resume. Your resume should not only provide your credentials but also put a spotlight on your skills. Try to highlight your work experience and achievements pertaining to your skills. Create a

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7 Essentials of Brand Manager Resume Format

Did you know that Maggi is a brand name and the company just sells the good old ‘Noodle’ with its own recipe? And, Colgate to is one of the brands amongst many types of toothpaste that are available in the market. It was the catchy slogans and the way these brands were presented to the consumer that made these products’ name bigger than the product itself. Just like these, there are much more examples like

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7 Essentials in a Product Manager resume format

Leaders are not born but are created by the adversities they face. Some people choose to give in when faced with odd waters but there are few, who refuses to let go and lead the way on their own terms. These are the people whom we look up to for inspiration. Getting a task accomplished by a group of different people without intervening with their personal choices is not a cakewalk. It takes a

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7 Essentials for a Marketing Resume format

The eye-catchy banners you see while you drive on the highway or the freebies you get while a new product is launched is all part of the big circle where the smart promoters try to woo your fancy. Saying ‘Kya aap colgate karte hain’ may come easy to you but it takes a lot of research and head banging while coming up with this line. It is the marketing professionals which bring you a product