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Resume Format of Logistics Professional: 7 Essentials to make a mark

Function of a Logistics and Supply Chain Management professional may overlap at times but each has its defined role to play in ensuring to complete the circle of operations. Logistics personnel focus on administering and smoothing the supply chain process. A Logistics executive deals with clients, customers, vendors, transporters (drivers) and strengthens the supplying process of goods to its said destination. A person who is good in areas like Coordination, Communication and Negotiation might have

Production Resume format, Resume Format,

Resume format of Supply Chain Management Professional: 7 key essentials

If you are a movie buff and have seen eve a couple of 80s or 90s movie then you must be familiar how in some movies a big righteous business man is duped because his transport manager was secretly transporting illegal things and put the blame on his owner when caught. Well, that’s not a good example to give but you might have got the hint of what Supply Chain Management involves. And, if you

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Quality Analyst: 7 Essentials

Monica, the character from the popular series Friends would make an excellent Quality Analyst. Her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder would have helped her in keeping quality under check. Quality Analysts are the ones who ensure that a product is being manufactured as per the company’s policy and no compromise is being done with its quality. You May find a QA&QC segment in almost every organization. They not only monitor the production process but also make sure

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Operations & Maintenance Resume Format: 7 Essentials that makes you the Best

While having the sip of your favorite cold drink, did you ever wonder how much hard work goes in to manufacturing one single bottle? The factory where it gets manufactured is handled by various responsible hands that take care of the manufacturing process at every step. It is the responsibility of Operations & Maintenance professionals who ensure that the amenities are organized properly and do not raise any hindrance in the working of the manufacturing

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Resume format of Product Engineer: 7 Essentials for a Smart Professional

If your creativity and ingenious nature has always inspired you to choose the unconventional way then you might be the right choice for becoming a Product Engineer. As a Product Engineer you will be responsible for designing a product for market. A Product Engineer can work for any product ranging from toiletries to motor vehicles to electronic devices or food items. They are the ones who design the attractive packaging of a shampoo bottle or

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Warehouse Manager Resume Format: 7 Essentials that makes you the Star

There is a whole lot planning goes into managing the Warehouse of a company. It is here, that all the goods are stored and distributed as well. A mismanaged warehouse not only affects the sales but also increases the cost to company. A Warehouse of a food retailer is used to store food items but if the food items are not stored properly they may go stale. Likewise, in the case of any clothing line