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How do you resolve conflict management

Conflict management resolution techniques Conflict management is a technique project managers use to improve team productivity and foster positive working relationships. However, this doesn’t mean preventing or avoiding all conflict. When managed properly, conflict can lead to increased team creativity and better decision making. Various causes of conflict can exist among project team members: schedules priorities resources technical beliefs administrative policies and procedures project costs, and personality-based differences When conflict that could threaten or delay

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Communication Skills – 5 Ways to Improve

Did you ever notice that people who are great at work, are the ones who party hard and great at making friends as well..why? because of their communication skills. Good communication not only helps in developing good relations, but helps in your career as well. When you communicate well during the interview, you move a step ahead in getting the job. Here are 5 tips which can help you in making your communication skills strong

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Good Boss, Good Organisation or Good Salary – What will you Choose?

What will you Choose if you get 3 options – 1). A Good Boss 2). A Good Organisation or 3) A Good Salary … it is very difficult to loose a good salary package or organisation which you always dreamed of joining. Though, choosing a boss is also not in our hand, but few people get very lucky to have a boss who instead of micro-managing, gives you the freedom to decide your own results.

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Career Options After High School

Life doesn’t end after completion of high school, it actually continues with another quest where there’s no more lockers, gym classes, or teachers nagging about assignments and home work. Once the child becomes adult, it is up to him/her to care about the decisions which could transform life goals in more meaningful way. In terms of selecting the right career, it becomes utmost important to consider multiple educational streams that could be explored viz colleges,


Steps for Navigating the Skillsoft Portal

Accessing the content on Skillsoft interface is user-friendly and intutitive as well as it has help option and a lot of other options to guide you with your e-learning endeavour. By following few steps, a learner will be able to enjoy a seamless learning experience and have the access to the world’s best quality content offered by skillsoft. Log In Process: Login to the skillport with the login credentials. Usually the login id and the


Importance of Communication Skills for Career Growth and Success Professionally

In the current business scenario which is characterised by cut throat competition and a fierce talent war, organizations pay a great deal of importance to soft skills or life skills and not just to the technical skills. Recruiters look for smart, dynamic and excellent communicators while selecting the talent pool. Out of all the other skills, communication skill is one of the pertinent skills which will govern the success of an employee professionally. Effective communication


Strategies for Addressing Career Gaps or Weaknesses in a Resume

Many of us are usually terrified with the question of how to address the career gaps while drafting the resume content. We are engaged in finding out the best possible strategies or techniques to make the resume look impressive and strong enough. This article provides useful and engaging tips on strategies for dealing with the career gaps in one’s resume. A gap or break in the career for just two to three months may not


4 resume writing tips for Six Sigma practitioners

Are you a Six Sigma consultant eyeing new job opportunities? Crafting a resume that effectively showcases your skills is paramount to finding that coveted job. When it comes to Six Sigma, it’s all about showing what you’ve got and why you are the best person for the job. Highlighting the level of your training, your Six Sigma project experience and Six Sigma strengths is most important. Here’s how to write a winning resume that will