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System Administrator: Tips that make your resume stand out

Working in an office with all the facilities seems natural to all of us. The smoothly working workstations and error-free software are a pre-requisite for a business to run effortlessly. But, all that system hardware, operating system, software systems and other technical equipment do not run on their own. It is the System Administrator who is accountable for all the set-up. He/she takes care of installations, configuration and regular upkeep of all the hardware and

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Fresher’s Resume: Important tips to reach out to recruiters

Fresh out of college, we all carry high aspirations and dreams to succeed in the big bad world. You might not be carrying a solid experience in hand but the training you have undergone during your formal education years prepares you to take up professional responsibilities with poise. Apprehensions and inhibitions are natural but it is your innate skills that will make you an unprecedented choice for recruiters around. When you are a novice making


A Student’s/Fresher’s Resume Format: A guide to get your first job!

So you are done with your studies and are all set to take on the world? Some of you must already have applied to various organizations in the hope of getting a solid start to your career while some of you must be waiting for the campus placement to offer you the best deal. Adrenaline must be jumping to and fro and expectations must be miles high but you need to keep your head steady

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Software Engineer Resume Format: 7 essential tips to include

There was a time when Engineers were hard working professionals who created marvels with mortar and cement. Then came the digital era and world changed for better. A new breed of engineers emerged and we called them ‘Software Engineers’. These engineers work for creating digital platforms for clients/organizations along with writing, editing and testing various digital programmes. A constantly evolving field, a Software Engineer needs to keep him/her updated in order to keep abreast with

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Graphic Designer: 7 essential points to put in your resume format

They are the ones who give shape to the most attractive of the cars or to the terminator which always intimidated you in your childhood. Yes, it is a Graphic Designer who gives shape to a vision or an idea. In older times they used to draw the sketches on a piece of paper but today when everything is digitized the software like Indesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and Photoshop are the canvas they work on. Graphic

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Quantity Surveyor Resume Format – 7 Essentials to work upon  

Check and balance is crucial for any industry. But, when we talk about Construction industry it becomes all the more important. A Quantity Surveyor resume format, in a construction business, is accountable for taking care all the cost involved. From the process of planning till the completion of the project it is his duty to see that a project adheres to the sanctioned budget and also track and revise the budget as per the ascending changes

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7 essentials in Customer Relationship Manager resume

Customer Service industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. In the times, when we are more than connected on digital platform customer and service provider can get in touch at any hour. There is no dearth of job but the recruiters take only those who have the ability to become the voice/face of the company. The ability to strike a conversation, patience to listen and gregariousness to befriend are few skills strike our

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Media Planner Resume Format- 7 Traits to not miss out

A readied product is not a success until it gets the right platform to get launched and it is here that a Media Planner resume format steps in to assist in providing the best Launchpad to best advertise a product. Remember, how Aamir Khan chose a barber’s shop to promote his movie ‘Ghazini’. It was his uncanny hairstyle in the movie which he chose as a tool to market his film. A Media Planner specialises