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GetcertGo has partnered with global learning providers to bring quality content via all the finance courses online to groom a finance professional into a CFO. Our tie-ups with ACCA, Skillsoft and Shaw Academy ensure there is a balance in our courses to fulfil critical CFO career skill gaps not only in hard skills like IFRS but also on courses which help in adopting a CFO mindset from early career stages.

We believe that there are five main CFO roles or responsibilities that our online business finance courses will help you in order to develop a CFO mindset. These are: 

  1. Maximising shareholder value - Maximising shareholder value involves managing and controlling costs and budgets, evaluating and approving purchases, increasing operational efficiency, and allocating funds to build capacity. This is the underlying and most important CFO responsibility.
  2. Managing cash and working capital - Effectively managing cash and working capital involves careful and meticulous forecasting of cash requirements. These forecasts must be checked against actual results to monitor and improve the accuracy of the forecasting.
  3. Risk management - Effective risk management involves identifying and measuring risks, deciding whether to retain or transfer risks and mitigating risks.
  4. Ensuring compliance and financial reporting - Ensuring compliance and financial reporting involves tax and regulatory compliance, adherence to accounting standards, and communication and reporting to stakeholders.
  5. Strategic planning and decision making - Strategic planning and decision making involve resource allocation and budgetary planning, decisions about capital investments, and decisions on strategic investments.

Our spectrum of online business finance courses from our global partners, cover most of the above critical finance competencies over a range of courses.

Some of our marquee finance courses online which have benefited a lot of finance professionals are

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Our broad courses are covered in the below segments

Capital Budgeting Training Course

By: Skillsoft

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Certified Budgeting Professional

By: Skillsoft

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GST Professional Training Course

By: Vskills

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GST Training Course by Getcertgo Premium

By: CFO Next

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IFRS Training Course

By: consultIFRS

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