The Founder’s Message

The Founder’s Message


GetCertGo is our unique brainchild based on several years of research on the Indian job market and a comprehensive assessment of the skill gaps. In this fast changing professional world, there is a need felt for 'Reskilling India' and honing the skills of the Indian workforce for a professional edge in the global job market.

Our reason for existence is to best serve the working professionals by partnering with them in their career endeavours , understanding their  professional development needs and recommending them the appropriate training solutions or certifications for helping them realize their career aspirations.

Guided by the inspiration of 'Reskilling India' and based on extensive Skill-Gap analysis of Indian working professionals, GetCertGo came into inception with the ambition of making India the preferred choice of the global employers by developing the talent pool with the help of E-Learning tools.

After years of experience in heading Online Career Portals in CXO positions, along with achievements in establishing CareerPlus for, I learnt that India is a 'Talent Hub' and the global employers see a vast potential in investing on Indian talent. By witnessing the ever-increasing demand for specialized skills and competencies in the global market, GetCertGo has come up with an outstanding initiative which aims at certifying the working professionals with career-focused online short courses offered in collaboration with the world’s top e-learning solution providers and industry leaders.

Our certification programmes are high on demand in the global job market and recognized by the industry, which will certainly propel the career prospects of a working professional positively-– considering ourselves the proverbial equivalent of Gym trainers in skilling, who push people to train hard and fill them with confidence.

We are committed to delivering best quality courses at affordable pricing suiting to the needs of every Indian working professional or a career seeker. Once enrolled for a course, the learner becomes our responsibility and we ensure that the learner completes the assigned courses with flying colours by way of regular follow-ups and administrative support. Our positive ratings and reviews on Social Media platforms from the learners speak a lot about the efforts behind the success story of GetCertGo and how this noble idea has been endorsed and appreciated by the customers

The market requirements as well as our strong and sustainable model, positions us well for further growth. If you’re keen on learning more about GetCertGo, or would like to collaborate in a venture that helps augment the Indian job industry, reach out to us on email. We’ll look forward to meeting you.

Vicky Sarin